Carrots, kale, beets, zucchini … nope, not a list of things going in my garden, just some of the things my kids don’t like to eat. Unfortunately, those are some of best nutrient-dense veggies, so how are my kids supposed to get what they need if they won’t eat them?

Luckily, I have discovered Nature Made Kids First multivitamin gummies, and now getting nutrients and vitamins into my kid’s body is one less thing THIS mama has to worry about! But why do I choose Nature Made Kids First gummies? Well for starters they are:

  • The #1 Recommended brand by pediatricians,
  • Verified by USP for quality and purity,
  • FREE of synthetic colors, dyes and all flavors are natural.
  • Not to mention, my kids LOVE them! Gone are the days of those chalky, chewable vitamins we had when we were kids!

Nature Made Kid First Vitamins not only have gummy multivitamins (with Omega 3), they also have Fiber (goodbye constipation issues) and Vitamin C (bring it on, flu season!) Nature Made has our kids covered when it comes to getting their nutrients and makes it easier on us mamas! Thank you, Nature Made!

Be sure to pick up all your Nature Made vitamins at your local commissary today!

Nature Made Kids First Gummy Vitamins