Wondering how to get FREE magazine subscriptions, with no credit cards, and no bills? Well, the secret is finally out the bag!

I get so many magazines in my mailbox, that it can fill up pretty fast!  However, I don’t pay for a single one of them!  You may be thinking, how is that possible, and I am about to share that with you.

Whenever you hear something is FREE and No Strings Attached, your scam alert mindset usually sets in, as mine does, but I am telling you that this is a trusted and authentic site that I have used for years to score a variety of FREE Magazines!

How To Get FREE Magazine Subscriptions

RewardSurvey.com is a site where you fill out a quick survey (less than 5 mins) and get rewarded with a certain dollar amount of Rewards Points.  The one I did today was worth $30 Rewards Points.  You can use these all at once, or save any unused Rewards Points to save up for a more “expensive” subscription.

Please note, that while many of these are COMPLETELY FREE, be sure to watch where it tells you how much an auto-renewal cost will be as those particular subscriptions do require an auto-renewal (usually 99¢).  Personally, I have NEVER done those as I get enough options with the other subscriptions they offer. Make sure to check back as the subscriptions offered can change and new ones can be added or may not have the 99¢ fee.  I am listing the current COMPLETELY FREE subscriptions at the time this was posted.  Also, note that some are for NEW SUBSCRIBERS only, so keep an eye out for that banner on the magazine image.

Magazines Under $20 Rewards Points:

  • Athritis Today (6 Issues) – $10 Rewards Points
  • The Red Bulletin (10 Issues) – $10 Rewards Points
  • Essence (11 Issues) – $15 Rewards Points
  • Gold (12 Issues) – $15 Rewards Points
  • Money (11 Issues) – $15 Rewards Points
  • People en Espanol (10 Issues) – $15 Rewards Points

Magazines at $20 Rewards Points:

  • Autoweek (24 Issues) – $20 Rewards Points
  • Autoweek DIGITAL Subscription (24 Issues) – $20 Rewards Points
  • Cigar Aficionado (6 Issues) – $20 Rewards Points
  • Entertainment Weekly (46 Issues) – $20 Rewards Points
  • Men’s Health (10 Issues) – $20 Rewards Points
  • Real Simple (12 Issues) – $20 Rewards Points
  • Sports Illustrated (39 Issues) – $20 Rewards Points
  • Sports Illustrated Kids (12 Issues) – $20 Rewards Points
  • Wine Spectator (15 Issues) – $20 Rewards Points
  • Whisky Advocate (4 Issues) – $20 Rewards Points
  • ESPN The Magazine (26 Issues) – $20 Rewards Points

Magazines at $30 Rewards Points:

  • Golfweek (14 Issues) – $30 Rewards Points
  • People (15 Issues) – $30 Rewards Points
  • Variety (48 Issues) – $30 Rewards Points

Magazines at $50 Rewards Points:

  • New York Magazine (26 Issues) – $50 Rewards Points

Once you pick your favorite(s), you will fill out your information for delivery.  The original delivery of your magazine(s) can take up to 12 weeks, but I have never had any take that long.  After you have submitted your subscription request, they will offer you an opportunity to purchase additional magazines…I never take advantage of those deals, as there are usually a bunch of FREE Magazines that come out at different times that I would want.  If you have any other questions, most will be answered on their FAQ Page.

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