The Link Between Food and Your Skin

Do not freak out yet! Just because there are certain foods that can cause more harm than good to your skin does not mean you need to cut them out completely. You just need to be mindful about how much and how often you consume these foods. Many different foods play many different roles in your body. Some of these foods we may not be aware about how they are affecting our skin, so we are going to break down the top six foods today. The list below includes foods that have been reported by Dermatologist’s with explanations as to why they do cause damage to our skin.

The Top 6 Common Foods

Processed Meats – These can lead to inflammation due to high concentrations of nitrates and saturated fats.

Fatty Meats – Just like processed meats, fatty meats have a high concentration of saturated fats too and insulin growth factor. This can add to acne breakouts due to an increase of sebum production. Option: choose lean protein.

Baked Goods – I love donuts, but they too cause skin damage. More specifically fine lines and wrinkles. Yikes! Fine lines and wrinkles appear when there is less collagen in your skin. The sugar and processed carbohydrates in baked goods affect the skins collagen. Baked Goods also include white bread. Option: Collagen supplement, healthier baked goods recipes.

Cows Milk and Other Dairy – It is no surprise the dairy product can lead to acne breakouts as well. Dairy products also have the insulin growth factor in them as well.

Whey Protein – Honestly, a product I would have never even thought too much about but yes it does cause acne too. Whey protein can increase androgen production which acts like testosterone. This androgen production increases your oil production which then leads to acne. Option: Vegan Protein.

Microwaveable Meals – First, microwaveable meals have a very high salt intake, just as bad as fast food actually. Also, have you ever noticed that almost all microwaveable foods are in plastic containers? No matter how safe it says microwaving plastic is, it isn’t safe at all. The plastic still melts and these toxins are then ingested. In the end these meals have been linked to cancer, increase in water weight which leads to a wider waist, high BP, and so much more.

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Check out Dr. Anna Guanche, the founder of Bella Skin Institute in Calabasas, CA, website and follow her on Instagram! She shares so much more information on how different foods affect our skin.

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