Japan is a very different country compared to the United States, I think in a positive way. The culture there is much different then the United States. With that being said Japanese products are also much different so I suggest you bring some of your American items with you.

What to Take

Rugs – There is a limited amount of rugs to choose from in Japan. I do not think they are as common there as in the United Sates and therefore your options are basically limited down to what the Exchange has to offer which is not much.

Large Furniture (Couches, beds, bed frames, etc.) – Japanese furniture is so much SMALLER than American furniture. Couches sit lower to the floor and also are not as wide. King size beds do not exist (if you find one it is rare), bed frames are super hard to find especially ones that will fit the American bed you brought over.

Swimwear and Clothes in general – Again, Japanese clothes are very different then American clothes. Their sizes are majorly different. If you are 5’5 or taller you are going to have a hard time finding clothes that will fit you for the most part. The Exchanges of course will have clothes, and you may find a few American stores, like Express, inside a mall if you are lucky. Okinawa has a few American stores you can shop at.

Holiday Décor – Holiday décor is also very hard to find throughout Japan, but not impossible. You can find some items, but not a lot, and the items you can find are basic items. Again, the Exchanges will have Holiday décor as usual, or you can order items off Amazon and ship them to you. But remember shipping can take up to a month or two for packages to arrive.

Is there anything I am missing that is a must take item? If so, let us know in the comments down below!