The sun is out, temperatures are rising and flowers are in bloom… SPRING HAS SPRUNG!!!!!

After coming  out of what felt like hibernating, the last thing I want is to be stuck inside cooking and cleaning…yuck, who wants to do that?!? Thankfully with Reynolds Kitchens and EZ Foil Disposable Aluminum Pans, I can quickly whip up dinner and head outside to be with my family!

One of my families favorite one pan meals is this delicious Creamy Chicken and Rice Casserole , so good and so easy!

And the BEST part?!?! No clean up after!!!!

And with one pan meals and no clean-up I can also whip up dessert like this Easy Vanilla Cake with Reynolds Kitchens and EZ Foil Disposable Pans which are perfect for that!

So SPRING into the kitchen and cook up an easy and delicious meal such as this with the help of Reynolds!

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