This is a simple Christmas craft and makes a great gift idea, especially for those who love giving handmade presents! I personally think homemade gifts are the best!

Rainbow Rays Christmas Candle Prism Light Craft

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Items Needed:


Begin by emptying your glass beads on a flat surface and separating the colors if creating a pattern.  


With the hot glue gun glue a row of gems to the top, all the way around.  (They stick in an unbelievably short time, so take your time because if you make a mistake they are almost impossible to get off).


Place them in rows will make sure you have room since the stones may not be all the same size.


Keep adding rows until you have reached the bottom.


Take a look to be sure no glue gun strings are hanging off and pull off any if necessary.

Add a votive candle you’re done! This is probably one of the most easiest crafts I’ve ever done – and that’s saying a lot for a non-crafty gal like myself!