August 4th is the Coast Guard’s birthday, and I thought it would be fun to ask Lorey Pope, who is a Coast Guard spouse, what it’s like being married to someone in the Coast Guard!

What is your favorite thing about being a Coast Guard spouse?
My favorite thing is having the opportunity to live in different cities and getting to know our
country’s many subcultures. Also, my husband’s career brings me a great sense of security.
I don’t have to worry about his job security or housing expenses.
What is your least favorite?
Moving around the country is both my favorite and least favorite thing about being a Coast
Guard Spouse. Sometimes, it’s challenging knowing no matter the circumstance, my
husband’s career comes first. I was fortunate to keep my job from our previous station and
now work remotely, but I fear becoming stagnant in my career because of it. I’ve also been
struggling a bit with feelings of isolation. It’s been challenging to make new friends when I’m
new to the community and working from home.
How did you meet your spouse?
I was in my mid-20s and played on a softball team for my cousin’s bar in our hometown. I
came by after the game and loaded the jukebox with all my favorite high school songs
(which was a lot of emo, hardcore, metal, and that certainly is not everyone’s cup of tea ). A
good friend of mine was there with me and invited my husband. He happened to love my
jukebox takeover, and we really hit it off. It just felt like I met my best friend. 🙂
How long have you been a CG spouse?
6 years in June.
How often do you move?
The plan is roughly every 4 years depending on where we are stationed, but you know, not
everything goes according to plan.
Where have you been stationed?

  • Los Angeles/Long Beach, California
  • Belfast, Maine
    What was your favorite duty station?
    So far, Belfast has been my favorite. I love being in the Northeast, and it’s the EXACT
    opposite of where I’ve grown up. I’m from Queens, NY, and this is a very small town; it’s
    been a breath of fresh air.
    What has been your least favorite?
    LA/Long Beach is just not my cup of tea.
    Does your spouse deploy/tdy a lot?
    Not at all.
    What is one thing you want people to know about being a CG spouse?
    There is nothing traditional about our lives, and though we don’t love every second of it,
    there’s no greater adventure we could be on with someone we love.
    What is one piece of advice you want to give to other military spouses?
    Put effort into your new apartment/house. It’s hard moving all the time, but having a place
    you love really helps to ground you. Also, make an effort to reach out to the other Coast
    Guard wives. No one “gets it” the way they do, and it helps to find someone to relate to.

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