When families are unable to consistently afford or access adequate meals, they face a
challenge known as food insecurity.

According to MFAN’s latest research, nearly a fifth (16.6%) of military and veteran families face
this challenge β€” skipping meals, choosing between buying food or paying rent, and leaning on
food pantries for support when times are particularly tough.

No military family should ever have to worry where their next meal is coming from. But for some,
that’s the reality.

As the summer months get closer the kids are getting ready for a break from school, where kids
in need receive free meals. Without free school meals during the summer, food insecurity will

Additionally, summer is often referred to as PCS season. Military families move every two and a
half years on average. Frequent moves mean having to replenish your shelves.
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The Military Family Advisory Network, founded in 2013, has made it their mission to understand
and amplify the needs of military-connected families and inspire data-informed change. MFAN
along with their partners are connecting military families to the support they need and getting at
the root of issues in our community. MFAN addresses four key pillars that are
foundational to military family well-being: Healthy Bodies, Healthy Families, Healthy Homes, and Healthy Futures.

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