This cute Valentine’s Day Candle Holder Craft is the perfect project for kids to make!

DIY Valentine’s Day Candle Holder Tutorial

It is time to start getting your home ready for love 😉 Assorted Valentine’s Day themed candle holders make the perfect centerpieces or end table décor. You don’t have to spend a great deal to buy such candle holders, as you can make your own for less. A simple trip to the dollar store is all you need to create your own Valentine’s Day ambiance. Take a peek below at how you can make your own Valentine’s Day candle holder for just a few dollars and in just a few minutes!

Supplies needed:
Animal print placemat
Glass candle holder
Red heart table scatter
Red glitter foam
Hot glue, glue gun

We were able to find all of these supplies at our local Dollar Tree store, making the total cost for this project just $4 with plenty of supplies left over! Now that is some frugal fun!

1. Begin by cutting a thick, 2 inch strip of animal print placemat out. We used ruffled scissors but you can use whatever you have. Glue it to the candle holder by wrapping it around, dabbing glue on the ends, and pressing firmly.
2. Cut a skinnier strip of red glitter foam and wrap it around the candle holder. Glue it into place as you did with the placemat.
3. Begin layering the foam heart table scatter on the front of the candle holder, over the foam strip. We chose to leave it simple just layering a few but you can get as fancy as you wish. Simply attach by adding a dab of glue to the back and pressing firmly into place.

You can finish your candle holder by filling it with colored glass rocks (also found at your dollar store) sand, or any filler you wish. Add a battery operated votive and you are all set!

Adding some Valentine’s Day ambiance has never been easier. Give this sweet and simple DIY project a try and bring some Valentine’s Day charm into your home for less.