May is Military Appreciation Month

What comes to mind when you think of the month of May? Flowers blooming from April showers? Pending PCS season? The beginning of summer… or  maybe even Memorial Day? If I am being honest, those were the things that popped into my head, but May actually has so much more significance….

Any one want to take a guess?

If you guessed  Month of Military Appreciation, you guessed correctly! May is a month we honor those who have served and are serving our country.  As a former military brat and current military wife, I will admit, military life is challenging for the whole family.  We make many  sacrifices, but the soldier is ultimately the one  who selflessly puts his/her life down for others at a moments notice. They are the ones battling the trenches, living in barracks in war torn countries, eating MREs instead of having a nice home cooked meal with their family.

They put their country first,  all while missing  holidays, births of children, and other momentous life events  not to mention risking their health, all for the greater good of our country. Many may also face trauma from their job which  can result in  challenges in life both physically, and mentally. This certainly is not a job for the faint of heart, and takes a special kind of person to do it. That is why it is  especially  important to recognize them and their sacrifices this May.

May 20th Armed Forces Day

Photo Credit: DoD

On this day (usually the third Saturday in may, this year it falls on the 20th) we honor and celebrate those who are in the armed forces. It is a day we recognize all they do for us to preserve and keep our country safe. For more information on this day please visit:


May 29th Memorial Day

Photo Credit: USMemorial Day

The day we honor all those who have died for our country. Unfortunately, to many it is just a three-day weekend gateway to summer and not many observe it as the true holiday it represents.  Organizations such as  US Memorial Day , are trying to create national awareness for this holiday.

The National Moment of remembrance was passed in 2000 to help others observe this day by participating in a moment of silence( usually around 3pm), for more information visit:


Now that we know more about Military Appreciation Month, you may be curious as to how you can contribute and or participate…

I found a wonderful website called NMAM Please visit for more details about this great month that  honors our country and all those who serve. They also give so many ideas on how to help to name a few :

  • Wear NMAM Gear – Sale Proceeds also support the Armed Forces Children’s Education Fund, Inc!
  • Send email Greeting Cards from here!
  • Make a donation to The Fisher House and support families whose loved ones are being treated at military and VA hospitals.
  • Donate to “The Wounded Warrior Project” and support the thousands of wounded warriors and their families as they return home!
  • Volunteer or visit your local VA Hospital to honor veterans from past conflicts.
  • Get your community on board – print this list of ideas and present them to your friends and family.” – excerpt from

You can also nominate a soldier overseas to receive a package From Treat The Troops

These are just a few of the many ideas in which your whole community can join in! So please check it out!!!!!

So while we are approaching, May lets not forget the significance of this month and honor our country especially all our  amazing men and women who have served or are currently serving!!!THANK YOU!!!!