10 Delicious Summer Salad Recipes

10 Delicious Summer Salad Recipes

I don’t know about you, but I love a good salad! It’s so versatile, you can add pretty much anything, and it’s great all year round! Especially summertime – I mean, who wants to slave away in the kitchen over a hot stove when it’s 90 degrees outside? Not me. Here are some salad recipes I’ll be trying this summer!

Tuna Salad –  Like tuna?  You’ll love this variation of the tuna salad.  Quick, easy and yummy!

Berrylicious Summer Salad – Though you may not think of berries as a “meal” you’re still likely to enjoy this salad in the heat of the summer days.  It would make a great side salad to a yummy burger or grilled chicken.

Mediterranean Chicken Quinoa Salad –  If you love chicken this is a healthy option for your family that even your kids will love.

Mixed Green Salad with Strawberries –  You might have wondered if we were going to ever get to a salad that’s main ingredient was lettuce huh?  Well here ya go.  The mixed green salad!  This one is a winner.

Tangy Pasta Salad –  A salad your kids are sure to love.  Who doesn’t love pasta.  It is a staple and is filling too.  This one is super easy! Add a grilled chicken breast and you have an easy meal.

Antipasto Pasta Salad –  Another pasta salad that includes some meat right in the salad itself.  If you call this the pizza pasta salad your kids are sure to cheer.  It really does include several pizza-like ingredients kids will love!

Niçoise Salad – A super easy salad to make on those long, lazy summer evenings. It is filled with all the classics: potatoes, tuna, eggs, green beans, olives, and more.

Cucumber Salad – A light and refreshing salad filled with cucumbers that pairs well with just about anything from the grill.

Egg Salad – Throw it on bread to make a sandwich or scoop it up with a fork or even crackers. If you like eggs this one is a must to make in the summer!

Cornbread Salad – Cornbread in a salad? Yes, that’s right! Although it may sound odd it is summer delicious to eat, especially during the summer. This salad is layered with different ingredient like cornbread, tomatoes, peppers, cheese, and more…yum!