Moving is hard! Even for the most even-keeled adult, one can imagine it’s harder for the kids! 

Having been a military kid myself, I can vouch for that.

In what ways can we, as parents, make the transition smoother?

Here are six great ways!

  1. They may be unable to choose where to move, live, or go to school. However, we can give them options to choose something as small as letting them pick dinner or even bigger decisions such as which room they want and how they want to decorate it. Giving kids a voice helps them feel involved and have more control over the situation.
  2. Talk to them, involve them in some of the discussions in the moving process, and explain where their stuff is going and what the plan is. Ask them if they have any questions or fears. Enable open communication.
  3. Carve out family time and/or one on one time. Family time during a move is so important! 
  4. Pick a fun spot at the new location to visit with the kids; this helps get them more excited about the new area. 
  5. Have kids help unpack, pick up paper wrapping, gather boxes, and help put things away.  Involve them in the process.
  6. Pick up books with military kids in mind, such as “It’s Time To Say Goodbye” and “I Move A Lot, And That’s Ok” my kids have both of these books, and they love them! 

And as a bonus, give lots of hugs and let them know you are always there for them 🙂

What are ways you make moving easier for your kids?