As we enter the winter season, it’s the perfect time to explore the hobbies and activities that bring joy and excitement. Winter is not only a time for hot cocoa and cozy nights, but also a great opportunity for people to bond over shared interests. Today we will delve into some fantastic winter hobbies that are our teams favorite things to do during the winter time.

Rachel – Snow Sports + Food

One of my favorite things to do in the winter time is visit the Ski Resorts. I do not like the cold but if it is cold enough for snow, then I like it. I love spending my days at the top of the slopes snowboarding at Big Bear, Snow Summit, and Mammoth in California with a few friends. Usually I will get a cabin in one of the areas for a week or so. And we can’t forget about the food! A trip, or a few, to Tropicali is always needed and extra is always ordered for the way home.

Kate – Self Care

Since can’t hibernate in the winter, you’ll find me taking advantage of any time I have to nap, read an actual book, work on a puzzle or binge watching a feel good show! And since the days are short and the sun rarely makes an appearance here in the UK  I also try and get myself outdoors for a daily walk for fresh air and a mental health boost!

Jenn D – Preparing for Yard Sales and Going Out

We usually get quite a few Gift Cards during the holidays, so we tend to go out more during these winter
months! While it isn’t an actual hobby, it is something that does happen quite a lot more during the winter months! This was when we went to Red Lobster! YUM!

Yard Sale Prepping! As the holidays come to a close, many things have been swapped in/out of our daily lives, which means it is time to start prepping my yard sale items, so that it isn’t overwhelming to deal with in the spring! So, I start by pricing and organizing items into similar categories as we set our
stuff up on our tables in thematic ways (household, kitchen, toys, clothes, etc.). This really helps me prep for our Spring Sale and takes some of the last-minute stress away!

Lasonja – Puzzles

Puzzles come in different shapes and sizes and the level of difficulty can vary. My family likes to make it a competition by seeing who can put a puzzle together the fastest and my favorite thing about them is that they are inexpensive.

Cassi – Staying Warm

In the winter I mainly plan on trying to stay warm! I enjoy working out whether that is riding my bike, running, lifting, or my newest obsession…rowing. I enjoy baking with my kids. I also enjoy hanging out with my horses on the days it’s above freezing

Discovering and engaging in winter hobbies can have numerous benefits beyond just having fun. These activities provide opportunities to connect on a personal level, and stay active still during the cold winter months. So why not embrace the spirit of the season and encourage others to explore new winter hobbies together? By doing so, you’ll create lasting memories!