Have you seen this amazing opportunity yet?  Check with KidsSkateFree.com to see if your local roller skating rink is participating with this awesome program! 

When you join the Kids Skate Free Club for $4.99 (new for 2024), your kiddo can get 2 FREE Skating Passes per week for not just the summer, but for the whole year!  Skate rental will not be included in this promo, so check with your local rink to see what your individual costs will be!

How to get this deal:

  • Head over to KidsSkateFree.com and find your local skating rink
  • Join the Kids Skate Free Club for $4.99 and get your confirmation number. (You will need this number when you register.) Then, head back to KidsSkateFree.com to get signed up at your local skating rink.
  • Sign up for that location and complete the information about your kiddos (PLEASE NOTE – Each skating rink may have age requirements for their program, so make sure to read the details for your location!)
  • Download the MyHownd App and create an account using the same email from your Kids Skate Free sign up Google Play or App Store
  • Each child’s 2 passes for the week will be in your account quickly (By the time I created my account & verified it, my kiddo’s passes for this week were already showing!)
  • Each week, you will get 2 FREE Skating Passes per child
  • These passes will automatically expire and new ones will appear every Monday
  • Head to the skating rink and show your current passes at your location from your MyHownd App and it will get marked as redeem by their front desk (this will now show up in your redeemed promos section of the app)

Have fun and happy skating!

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