May 1st marks Homeschool Awareness Month! We began our Homeschooling journey in October of 2023 and it has been quite the adventure. At first this task seemed daunting and overwhelming to me because I am such a perfectionist, but I can honestly say that it does take a village. Where do you even begin if Homeschooling is something that you’re interested in? How do I handle extracurricular activities? I’m happy to share all my experiences with this journey.

First off, if you’re interested in Homeschooling you need to start with the state requirements. This varies greatly from state to state. I live in a state that is fairly lenient but you still have to report your curriculum to ensure you’re meeting the requirements. That is also a daunting task… choosing the curriculum. I was fortunate to have used some of this company’s curricula during the COVID-19 pandemic so I had experience with their style. There are a ton of curricula out there and it can be overwhelming but we opted to go with The Good and The Beautiful. One great thing about them is they actually offer their curriculum online for FREE! This curriculum uses a spiral approach and has worked well for both my First Grader and Preschooler. 

Second, look for Co-op options! We were so lucky here to connect with another Homeschooling family to find a once-per-week option for a class of my son’s choice. These are available everywhere! They also often have various extracurriculars like dance and sports. Also, take advantage of what’s available at the Base Youth Centers. We’ve had good luck finding basketball and soccer for our younger kids on base. Connect with other homeschooling families. It truly does take a village and you may have to make your own. I’ve had great luck finding base-specific Homeschool groups on Facebook.  

Use local resources. I know our local library has books that are available in grab bags. These stories will compliment the various themes you may be focusing on with your curriculum. Also, make sure you take field trips. We’ve loved getting yearly passes to State parks, children’s museums, and even the zoo.

Anything can be a learning opportunity for your child. I think the biggest challenge that I have faced is that I am overthinking it when in all reality each and ever thing we do is an opportunity to teach our kids! Homeschooling allows you to step away from the traditional model that we have for kids and teach them to their individual learning style. It works perfectly with the military lifestyle because it’s flexible as well. There are ups and downs and some days it’s just plain hard but I wouldn’t trade this opportunity I have been given to teach my kids! 

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