Valentine’s Day…the holiday of love or something like that. Either way its a day to celebrate and eat candy so I am here for it! I don’t have many Valentine’s Day decorations so figured I would create a garland out of things I had at home and out of something I LOVE…BOOKS!

So I made a heart garland out of old book pages.

What You Need:

-12″ Strips of Paper (I used pages from an old book )


-Glitter (If you despise glitter, you can omit this)



Take the strips and fold in half, take a piece of double sided tape and put on one end of the strip and connect the the other head…creating a heart shape (see below).

To make a variety of sizes put double sided tape of the top of the joining sides and bring together with the crease at the bottom. Dip one side into glue then place into a pile of glitter.

Once you’ve done all the hearts, let dry.

Once dried, I tied string around each individual heart (as if it were an ornament) and then tied it to one big string in order to make the garland 🙂

So simple yet festive 🙂