When we got orders to England last year, I literally did a happy dance…It was a DREAM come true!

And so far it has been, It has been fun learning and adjusting to life here, one of which being the language!

While we all speak english turns out there are quite a few differences too in the language! Here are some of the words I am learning:

Aberguine – Eggplant

Corgettes – Zucchini

Biscuits– Cookies

Baps – Biscuit/ roll

Plasters– Band-Aids

Queue – Line

Car Park – Parking Lot

Garden– Backyard

Chips – Fries

Crisps– Our version of chips

Footpath– Sidewalk/ trail

Fancy Dress – Costume/ Funny … Almost went to a themed costume party formally dressed!

Wild Rocket – Arugula

Coriander– Cilantro

Pickles – Anything that is pickled”

Gherkins– Pickles

Dummy – Pacifier

Push Chair– Stroller

Nappy – Diaper

Trainers– Sneakers

Jumper- Sweater

Trousers– Pants

Keen– Agreeable/ interested

Pants– Underwear

Pinafore– Jumper

Plait – Braid

Rubber – Eraser… This one gets me every time!

Tea time – Dinner time

Squirty Cream – Whipped Cream

Sweets– Candy

Soccer- Football

Wellies– Rain Boots

Boot– Trunk

Rubbish/Rubbish Bin– Trash/Trashcan