One thing I have noticed over the years being a part of the military community is that very few people take advantage of the military discount. Don’t be afraid to ask for it! What I do is, whatever money I “save” from the discount I put into a specific account to save it. Then when we wan to do something fun whether it is an extra date night or maybe we travel somewhere we have extra money to use. Here is a few places that offer the discount that I have found:


Clothing Store




Almost all airports offer military discount in stores and restaurants, so always be sure to ask!





  • AFE Eyewear: Discount varies, get the discount online.
  • GlassesUSA – exclusive promo code “bradmil55” to take 55% off full-priced frames with basic RX.
  • MilitaryOptical.comUp to 30 % off contact lenses and free shipping on orders over $50.
  • OakleyThere is a website you register with that offers Oakleys at a discounted price. It doesn’t say how much that price is though. Check it out at


MWR- Tickets and Sales

DOD Overdrive Library App Services