My love for travel stemmed from after my husband’s first deployment, he took me on my first trip abroad Every year after, he and I would travel to a new place and explore. We have only explored parts of Europe and in full disclosure, so, I’m still learning, but here are some of my favorite tips and tricks to keep costs low and to have an amazing time! 

Make a Budget – When heading abroad, especially to Europe, certain areas/countries are less expensive to visit. All can be done on a budget, just do your research and plan accordingly.

*Quick Note* When traveling abroad be sure to keep tabs on currency and exchange rates.

Walk Around – When we travel, including my kids, we walk when we can, we have seen so many things we would have missed if we didn’t. Also, take advantage of FREE walking tours, these are great ways to see the city and learn about it. I HIGHLY recommend checking out to see if they are available where you are traveling. If you don’t want to walk be sure to take advantage of public transportation, it’s a fast and cheap option and buying a pass is usually cheaper than buying individual tickets.

Check Out Local Grocers – Stock up on breakfast, and snack items. This is a great way to get a feel of the local cuisine and half the cost of a restaurant. My husband and I usually pick one meal out a day to check out the local food flare. Additionally, when in a restaurant when asking for water specify tap, otherwise you will be billed for bottled water.

Air B&B – When it comes to accommodations we usually go the Air B&B route. We go for basic and clean because reality is we will only be sleeping there. We have saved so much money this way!

Ditch the Luggage – We learned to ditch the suitcase and get hiking backpacks. The key is to pack light, this makes it easier and cheaper when getting from one place to another, especially if you are visiting multiple places.

Use Credit Card Points and Miles – Many of our flights we wound up paying nothing by from using a credit card that offers frequent flier miles.  

Quick Tips:

  • Public bathrooms are hard to find and usually have to pay, so keep some local currency! I have learned this the hard way!
  • Buy a universal adapter
  • Tipping is not mandatory nor expected
  • Many European countries eat late and restaurants which means they don’t open till later, so plan accordingly.
  • Learn the native languages’ pleasantries, a little goes a long way.
  • Book attraction tickets online, and ahead of time as they are usually cheaper.

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