According to, November 10th is known as Sesame Street Day. Sesame Street first debuted on November 10th, 1969, and has been enjoyed by viewers in over 120 countries for over fifty years! The show was developed by the Carnegie Foundation and was intended to capture children’s attention and instill positive social values. The show took off and now has over 5,000 episodes. In 2005, the show set a Guinness Book of World Records for the Most Emmy Wins by a Television Series. It has over 101 Emmy wins! In 2015, the show was moved from PBS to HBO. This was due to insufficient funding for PBS. HBO has been its home ever since!

I can’t think of a more nostalgic show than Sesame Street. I enjoyed it as a child and I really enjoy that my kids love it so much. I was able to attend Sesame Street Live as a child and that is a memory that I will always hold on to! Besides the nostalgia another thing to love about Sesame Street is the support of the Military Community. There is a whole Sesame Street-operated site dedicated to the Military Community!

During our last PCS, I downloaded the Sesame Street App to help my kids cope with the upcoming move. I highly recommend that everyone be familiar with what the site has to offer. The site is On this site you will find resources for Deployments, Homecomings, Transition to Civilian life, Routines, Changes in Health care, and Relocation. The App my son enjoyed most was “The Big Moving Adventure”, in this game, you create a Muppet friend and help him adjust to changes with an upcoming move. There are so many wonderful resources on this site. They also have resources for the caregiver as well. There are helpful videos and coloring sheets also! I plan on celebrating this day doing some coloring sheets with my kids and also enjoying an episode or two of the classic show!