I’m a huge book nerd; nothing beats sitting down with a cup of tea, the coziest blanket, and a good book, or in my case, listening to a good book while going about my days, especially during these colder spring months.

So here are four of my favorite book recommendations for you to check out this month!

Remarkably, Bright Creatures By Shelby Van Pelt

Photo Credit: goodreads.com

I was a little apprehensive because it looked like a children’s book, and was about an octopus… but I LOVED this book. It hit all my emotions!

A Heart That Works By Rob Delaney

Photo Credit: goodreads.com

Wow, this book is HEARTBREAKING, if you want a happy fiction book this may not be for you as its a true story about the comedian Rob Delaney’ s son. I cried so much but then I found myself laughing at times. This one has stuck with me.

The Housemaid By Freida McFadden

Photo Cred: goodreads.com

I love most of Freida McFadden books. This one I read in a day, could not put it down….had me hooked and love the twist and turns!

The Midnight Library By Matt Haig

Photo Credit: goodreads.com

I really enjoyed this one, quirky, philosophical fiction, all about life choices. A definite must read!

Best part?! I read these all using my librarycard through my DOD MWR Libraries!