Hint: it’s not your credit card, your driver’s license, or even your wholesale warehouse
membership card. Next to your military ID card, the most valuable card in your wallet is your
library card!

Your library card can save you money on so many things you currently buy. Here are 16 of some
of the amazing benefits you can get with your card:

  1. Borrow eBooks, audiobooks, magazines, movies, and TV shows for free with apps like Libby,
    Hoopla, and Kanopy. No more Kindle or streaming fees!
  2. Read magazines and newspapers online with PressReader and Flipster. Stay informed without
    paying for subscriptions.
  3. Access premium services like Ancestry.com, Ex Libris, Newspapers.com, Consumer Reports, and
    The New York Times for free. Learn more about your family history, consumer rights, and
    current events.
  4. Get help with your job search and career development with services and events offered by your
    library. Boost your resume, skills, and network.
  5. Learn new things with live classes and educational videos like The Great Courses. Expand your
    knowledge and hobbies.
  6. Use IT items like e-readers, computers, printers, and even 3D printers for free at your library. No
    need to buy expensive gadgets.

7. Borrow science and STEM learning kits for yourself or your kids. Explore the wonders of science
and technology.
8. Prepare for college or graduate school with free test preparation resources like
LearningExpress. Ace your exams and get into your dream school.
9. Receive tutoring for any subject you or your kids are struggling with. Get the help you need to
10. Save money by borrowing household items and tools like metal detectors, home improvement
tools, sewing machines, and cake pans. No need to buy things you only use once.
11. Check out jigsaw puzzles and board games to play. Have fun with your family and friends. See if
you like a game before buying?
12. Get free museum passes from some libraries. Enjoy the culture and art of your city.
13. Cut your utility bill by borrowing an energy efficiency meter to calculate electricity costs. Save
money and the environment.
14. Use free meeting spaces at your library. Host your events and gatherings without paying for a
15. Enjoy story times, book discussions, and meet-the-author events at your library. Connect with
other readers and writers.
16. Relax at your library. It’s a quiet place to read, study, or just chill.
Librarians are also great resources to help you with your research, whether for school, work, or
personal reasons. They are friendly and knowledgeable

Military members, dependents, retirees, and DoD civilian employees all have access to your
local installation library plus the amazing online DoD MWR Libraries!

So, what are you waiting for? Get your library card today and start saving money and enjoying
all the perks. It will quickly become the favorite card in your wallet! 

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