As military families, our pets are special in our lives, and pcs-ing and change aren’t easy on them either! So, in honor of Pet Appreciation Week, we thought it would be fun to share with you the furry (and a few not so furry) members of our military families.

Cassi has 2 dogs, 2 cats, 3 horses, and 10 chickens!

One of Cassi’s horses, which she has owned for over 18 years, has PCS’d with Cassi 7 times.

Kate has two cats: Daisy and Gatsby. Yes, Kate is a Great Gatsby fan 😉 Gatsby has done several cross-country moves and an overseas move (six moves total). Daisy has moved twice, but with their upcoming PCS, that will be three times for her. Both are part of the Military Cat Club!

Daisy LOVES puzzles…

and Gatsby LOVES his radiator bed!

Lasonja has one pup named Cookie. Cookie is a Chi-weenie who loves to play. She loves lounging around the house and playing with her toys.

Jenn wanted to show off her Tink! They adopted Tink when they were stationed at Bolling AFB in
Washington, DC. He and his sister (Wink) were abandoned in a box on a West Virginia highway
when they were puppies. The rescue cared for them, and when they were ready, the puppies were put
up for adoption. Jenn and her husband went to meet Tink, and fell in LOVE with him! He snuggled right into Jenn’s arms, and they knew it was meant to be! They were blessed to be his pet parents for over 12 years before he crossed over the rainbow bridge.

If you have a fur baby within your military family, be sure to have them become part of our Military Pet Club! For tips and tricks with pcs-ing with your pets, then make sure you check out PCS with Pets!

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