June 3rd is National Egg Day. This is the perfect day to try an egg-citing new recipe.  If you need some new ideas be sure to check out the recipe section on My Military Lifestyle for the best recommendations!

For most of my life, I’ve had a pretty normal relationship with eggs. I used them for cooking and eating and didn’t think much about it. This all changed in 2021 with a PCS to Laughlin Air Force Base. We ended up purchasing 5 acres and that’s when my knowledge of chickens really expanded. We acquired 6 chicks and a coop and the it really just escalated from there. I had no idea how hard the concept of chicken math would hit my household. Chickens are a bit like potato chips in the sense that once you start out it’s hard not to multiply. My collection ended up hitting 12 at one time but I had no idea the friendships that chickens would bring me. I reconnected with a friend from college who owns Beckard Family Farms and soon became my chicken guru. Her guidance opened up the world of rainbow eggs and all the fun chicken breeds and types. Eggs can range from whites, browns, pinks, greens, and blues.  

Once my hens started to lay, around 4-6 months of age, I ended up with an abundance of eggs. This led to me starting a small side hustle of selling my excess eggs. This helped me cover the cost of my feed and helped justify the need to purchase additional chicks. Chicken math was in full effect. If you don’t have anyone local to you who sells baby chicks, not to worry! You are able to order them online! I had really great luck with Meyer Hatchery. They ship them in a special box in the mail, but often have stipulations based on the time of the year.  For example, they won’t ship when the temperature is above or below a certain temperature to ensure your new family members arrive safely. They come in a few days and you get a call from your local post office to pick up your live birds. My egg sales led me to some wonderful friends in the local area that I would have never met otherwise! 

Eggs and chickens will always hold a very special place in my heart. They have opened me up to an amazing animal that I didn’t think much about before and helped me forge some really special friendships. Although with this most recent move, I had to re-home my birds I know that I will be back to chickens as soon as the military gives us a chance to settle somewhere with acreage. So on June 3rd as you celebrate National Egg Day don’t be afraid to stop on out at your local feed store and enter the wonderful hobby that is backyard chickens! Eggs are definitely for more things than just eating!

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