I have to be honest, being a teacher right now is tough. However, teaching is also one of the most rewarding careers that you can choose. Watching students succeed, watching them learn, and watching them have those “ah-ha” moments can be truly amazing!

As I noted, being a teacher can be a rewarding experience and career opportunity. Understandably, being a teacher and a military spouse can be difficult at times, too. However, being certified in different states is truly not as hard as you may think. Laws have been passed that help expedite the process of becoming a teacher in different states. For more information check out these best practices.

In Texas, TEA has a great policy for military spouses. They waive the majority of the fees with testing and certifications! Additionally, military spouses and veterans that are already licensed in another state can have their credentials reviewed and granted a three year probationary certificate.

Becoming a teacher has to be a passion. This is not a career that is going to make you a million dollars, but it is a career that can be extremely rewarding. Personally, I have been teaching for 12 years. Yes, I am tired sometimes, and yes, I absolutely take advantage of my free summers. However, being a teacher literally fills my cup. I am a special education teacher, which means more paperwork. I am also a parent of a special education child. People ask how do you live the special education life 24/7? Honestly, this fuels my passion for teaching even more. This has allowed me to become more of a voice for my students and to advocate for their needs. 

As a special education teacher and a teacher in general, you get to build amazing bonds with students. They spend more time in your classroom then they do at home (at least in elementary they do), so you get to know the students pretty well. You learn what they can do, where they struggle, and overall how they learn. Watching my students make progress throughout the year is a 10 month battle. However, at the end, when they succeed, it makes every moment worth it. At my campus we have had several military spouses as teachers. Yes, we realize they are only with us for a short time, but in a field with a struggling work force, they are greatly appreciated. 

So if you are a military spouse with a passion for teaching, follow it! Becoming certified is easier than you think (especially if you already have a license). If you have a degree there are many programs that help you become certified. This is called an Alternative Certification. This is what I have because my degree is in Psychology. So become a teacher, follow your dream! The reward is worth it! 

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