♫ ♫ School’s Out for Summer! ♫ ♫
So, now what do we do for the next few months?!?!

I don’t know about you, but I know that I find myself getting into a rut when it comes to being super creative in the summer with my kiddo.  I found myself taking my child to the same few parks, the same sprinkler play, and so on.  I found that not only was I getting bored (even though those activities are fun, it became monotonous), but my kiddo wasn’t having as much fun with the same old things every week.

That’s where this Summer Bingo game is so fun and easy.  There are so many great ideas that you can do this summer and it helps get you out of that rut!

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As an additional idea, consider making each “Bingo” worth some other fun activity that you can come up with for your family.  That could lead into another potential 12 activities or ideas (go to the movies – watch your local theater for FREE or cheap family movies during the summer), plus, then you could have a grand finale/bigger activity if the kiddos complete the whole board with a blackout Bingo (go to a theme park, take a mini vacation, do a favorite family activity, etc.)!  Let us know what fun summer activities you do for your completed Bingo’s!

We are just starting week 3 in our summer and we have completed 9 of the activities already…no bingo yet, but we are getting close!  WOOHOO!  Go ahead and print your copy now and get start with this fun Summer Bingo!

If you are looking for some ideas on continuing learning throughout the summer, then make sure to check out Summer Schooling – The Unschooler.