2021 has been downright scary, and it isn’t even Halloween yet! 

Here are some spook-tacular ideas to do besides trick or treating!

Halloween Charcuterie Board 

Photo By : @theboardprimadonna

Get all the candies, as well as fun Halloween foods and create a Halloween Charcuterie board! It is sure to please all the ghouls and goblins in your family!

Candy scavenger hunt 

Hide candies all over the house, make it even spookier by turning all the lights off, use glow sticks and flashlights to find them!

Zoom costume party 

If you’re still social distancing Have a Halloween zoom party! You can even get creative, host a virtual party and do virtual Halloween games.

Halloween Night Movie Marathon

Grab your favorite candy, pop some popcorn, turn out the lights and watch scary movies, if you have little kids check out these kid friendly Halloween movies

Neighborhood window ghost scavenger hunt 

Get your neighborhood involved in a safe way! 

Have everyone make ghosts and hang them in the windows, then count how many you see when you walk around the neighborhood. 

Been Boo-Ed 

Create a basket/bag full of fun Halloween treats or trinkets and Boo your neighbors (leave it at their doorstep and basically play ding dong ditch). Then once they receive it they boo another family and put a “We’ve been boo-ed sign” (free printables below) up on their window, so people know who has and hasn’t been booed…its so fun to see everyone get involved!

For free print outs and more ideas visit: https://www.clarkscondensed.com/diy/youve-been-booed/


Go all out this year, inside and out! Create your own haunted house within your home! Check out https://www.ehow.com/list_6977191_ideas-haunted-houses-kids.html for some great kid friendly ideas.

Halloween Party at Home 

Make fun Halloween food, set up Halloween themed games and have yourself a ghoulish time!

Whatever you decided to do, I hope you have a safe and healthy Halloween!!!