What is fall without a good book?! Especially when you use that book to make a….PUMPKIN!

Not only is it inexpensive to make it but it was very easy to boooooooo-t! Ha see what I did there?!

What You Need:

-An Old Book

-Hot Glue Gun



-Clothespins or bobby-pins to temporary hold together until the glue is dried

How To:

  1. Take the cover off the book and trace a semicircle.

2. Cut out one section at a time or to save time use an exacto knife, if you have one .

3. Once done cutting, divide the book in half with the binder facing you and line with hot glue. Then, close the book in-verdantly.

4. This is when you’ll need the clips or pins to hold together until the glue is dried.

5. Once glue is dried, fan out the pages and hot glue a stick to the top. If you want to get even more crafty, cut out leaves from the book scraps…. and Voila!