Who doesn’t love a good vacation? If it were up to me I would have two six month vacations every year if it was possible. I love to travel and I love exploring different places and learning about new things. Winter is here but next thing you know it will be summer already. Start planning a vacation now, or take a mini vacation within the next month or two.

Top tips to saving money and budgeting:

Open a Travel Rewards Credit Card. Some banks will give you a credit of $300-$500 annually and you also can get double to triple the points when you use it.

Book a short trip instead of a long trip. It is a no brainer that short trips will cost less then long trips.

Create a list of priorities and stick to it. This could be anything from going to a specific location or trying new food.

Know your budget. Start saving if you haven’t already, then research what things will cost. Do you only have $500 or $1000 to spend over the course of the whole vacation? Make sure your priorities can fit within the budget spending limit.

If you do not have a ton of money to spend on a vacation you can opt for a mini vacation and tour your own city!

Book your vacation for during the week. All hotels, Air Bnbs, and other vacation rentals tend to be much cheaper during the week then the weekend.