Like many of you, I’m prepping for another summer PCS! We should be leaving our current duty station in August and I have already felt the pressure of the upcoming changes. There are some things that I am currently doing to alleviate the stress and make this move as painless as possible. One of the things that is hard about moving every few years is building a good relationship with doctors, hairdressers, veterinarians, etc. I like to knock out all the medical appointments I can before the move. This will ensure I don’t have to rush to find a dentist, doctor, veterinarian etc. I will make sure that all my pets are up to date on vaccines and medications. When locating a new veterinary clinic, I like to utilize the Facebook Spouse pages that many military installations have and also the American Animal Hospital Association website. I use the Facebook pages to also find recommendations for doctors, dentists, salons etc. This has always worked out well for me and I have moved frequently over the last 15 years. 

The dreaded PCS pile-up!

            If you’re doing a Personally-Procured Move (PPM, formerly known as a DITY), start collecting boxes. The sooner you start packing and purging the easier your truck loading experience will be. I like to save boxes and also utilize local Facebook pages to collect them as well. This will save you money and also helps keep some of the cardboard out of the landfill! I mentioned it earlier but it is time to PURGE! Use this as a time to get rid of the stuff you’re not using. You can sell and donate things you’re not longer using. I also utilize my local Facebook pages and Next Door pages to eliminate things I don’t need. The saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, has never been truer! 

We are in a position where we have a storage facility close so we are currently in the process of purging and packing and then moving to a storage unit! This will eliminate extra clutter. If you’re like us and trying to sell a house, it’ll ensure you put your best foot forward. As I’m packing I’m also taking the extra time to use stickers and labels to identify which items go in which room and/or storage since I won’t need to open every single box when moving into our new home. 

I also like to try and ensure my family and I take the time to explore local treasures in the area before we move. Consider this a local bucket list if you will. Have you always wanted to try that local Italian restaurant or have you wanted to check out the National park that’s a few hours away? Seize the moment. There is no time like the present. I like to fit in as much as possible before we head out because you may never be back to this area again. You never know where the military life will take you! 

We all know that in the military life we don’t always have a ton of prep time with some of our moves but by using the time you’re given to prepare and plan you will do all that you can in your power to set your family and yourself up for successful PCS. 

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