Being considered a “seasoned spouse,” there are times my husband and his buddies will be talking, and I have no clue what they are saying. 

Acronyms are a whole new language in military life. So with the help of one of our fellow seasoned spouses Jen D, we compiled a list of popular acronyms you may hear quite frequently!

And if you want to learn more acronyms, I procured the DOD ( Department of Defense) list of acronyms which is 123 pages long….yes there are that many!!! 

ADFM – Active Duty Family Member

AIT – Advanced Individual Training (“A School”)

BAH – Basic Allowance for Housing/Basic Housing Allowance

BAS – Basic Allowance for Subsistence (food)

BMT – Basic Military Training (Boot Camp)

CAC– common access card 

CDC – Child Development Center

CDP – Child Development Program

COA- course of action… *Fun Fact*my husband uses this one all the time took me years to realize what he meant!

COLA-Cost of Living Adjustment 

CONUS– Continental United States 

DEERS – Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System

DFAC-Dining Facility 

DITY-Do It Yourself 

DOD– Department of Defense 

EFM – Exceptional Family Member

EFMP – Exceptional Family Member Program

FCC – Family Child Care

LES– Leave and Earning Statement 

MWR– Morale, Welfare, and Recreation 

MRE-Meal Ready To Eat 

OCONUS-outside of the Continental United States 

OHA– Overseas Housing Allowance 

OPSEC– Operational Security 

OTS – Officer Training School 

PCM-Primary Care Manager 

PCS– the permanent change of station 

POC– Point of Contact 

TDY– temporary duty 

TMO – transportation management Office 

YP – Youth Programs

If you want to educate yourself further, here is the DOD compiled list 😉

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