Moving your family around every two years with the military can be difficult on any kids you may have. Starting a new school, leaving your old friends and trying to make new friends, and being in a completely unknown location can be frustrating. A great way to become active at your new duty station is by joining a club or a team. Almost every base has a sports athletic club. At Camp Pendleton you can find Stepp Stables which offers group and private lessons to kids to learn how to ride and maybe eventually compete in a show. Not only is it a great way for your kid to socialize with other kids their age and make new friends but it also help them develop their life skills.

If you want to have tour child part take in learning how to ride you can find a variety of different lessons to fit your schedule:

  • One-hour lessons for ages 7 and up in a variety of disciplines.
  • Private lessons are available for ages 3-6.
  • One-hour trail rides for ages 7 and up.
  • Instructors provide beginning to advanced training for horses to boarders.
  • Training must be paid in advance.
  • All lessons and trail rides are limited availability and by appointment only.

So whether you want your child to compete or just learn how to ride for fun you should definitely check out Stepp Stables on Camp Pendleton!