I can hardly believe that October is here! This means changing leaves, sweatshirts, flannels, pumpkin spice everything, and a favorite of mine…Halloween! I have three boys and we like to have fun in the kitchen together. I always am on the hunt for fun recipes that they can make and enjoy together. This was a fun one we did together for my son’s Spider party a few years back and we decided to really make it our own this time. For this activity/recipe, you will need a package of Oreos, a package of candy eyes, candy corn, a small tube of icing, and pull-apart licorice. If you can’t find candy eyes you can substitute mini marshmallows and black icing for eyeballs. We have also used pretzels in the past for legs, but my oldest doesn’t like pretzels so we found a good substitute with pull apart licorice.

1. Pull apart your licorice and cut it in half.

2. Pull open your Oreos and lay the licorice legs in and return the tops of the Oreos.

3. You can use the full candy corn but I also like to cut them down and just use the white section for little teeth. I did both with this one depending on what you’re comfortable letting your kids do. They’re pretty easy to cut and you can easily use a plastic knife so you don’t have to worry about a real-life Halloween scene in your kitchen! Insert the teeth in whatever fashion you prefer baby fangs or buck teeth. Honestly, they’re both cute!

4. Add a dot of icing for each eye. I normally get white but you just need a dot to attach the candy eyes.

Just like that you made a cute spider! We have also added red M and M’s in the past to make them black widows. We had a lot of fun going shopping for the ingredients. It was fun to see what my kids would come up with to change these up and make them their own. We did enjoy using the Halloween Oreo’s because they have a spider web on the back but you can use whatever flavor you want.

This is a fun and easy activity to do with your kiddos! This would also be a great one to do in the classroom. It is not very messy and kids can easily do it themselves. If you decided to use pretzels for legs you do not have to remove the tops of the Oreos you can just stick the legs inside. If you substitute candy eyeballs for marshmallows I would recommend cutting those for your little ones because they’re very sticky in the middle and easy to smoosh. Overall, this is a great activity and actually results in a cute little spider I would welcome in to my home.